December 2015

2015-11-03-1446576507-4236405-brooklyn_Gosh this round up is late! That’s the end of the year and start of a new one for you… Busy. And my list is the shortest it’s been all year – sadly not because of festive parties but because of family illness which kept me busy.

Despite the shortness there is real quality here – lots of good telly, like the Christmas ep of Detectorists, the brilliant Pete Bowker’s adaptation of Capital which was so charming and engrossing, and an unexpected delight in We’re Doomed – the story of Dad’s Army.

I made it to a darkened cinema twice and each trip magical – first to Brooklyn – I adored the book so was nervous about this adaptation but it was a captivating rendering of the story with a beautiful central performance. And then Bridge of Spies – wow – a complex character piece set in the Cold War. Both films are nominated for numerous Oscars – no surprise there.

Here’s the list in full:

1 December - Orange is the new black
6 December - Brooklyn
6 December - The Coroner
7 December - Detectorists
8 December - Bridge of spies
15 December - Capital
22 December - We're doomed
27 December - Husbands and sons
28 December - Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
28 December - Capital
Key: live performances (including music and theatre), telly dramas,
books, films, RADIO DRAMA, art exhibitions

And that’s it – I’ve completed 2015’s New Year’s resolution to list all my cultural stuff for the year. 2016’s resolution believe it or not is to do less going out (and not feel bad about it) so I’ve decided to slightly change the spec of the blog. So for the next 12 months I’ll pick my top 3 cultural things and list them… Let’s see how that goes.

There’ll probably also be a peppering of blogs about my play Scenes from 68* Years which goes into rehearsal in March and plays at the Arcola in April.  If I learn anything that I want to share through that process I’ll probably put it here.

Happy belated new year.

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