January 2016

January has been a bit bleak really hasn’t it? A lot of deaths …
It was important to have things to take the mind off bleak thoughts. So my first choice of three cultural highlights was probably a poor one – I decided to catch up with BBC one series Luther.

Don’t get me wrong I thought it was great but lord it’s dark and nail biting don’t watch it when you are alone in the house stuff. And that Idris Elba…
Another telly drama has kept me on the edge of my seat this month is
Deutschland 83. Channel 4’s German acquisition set in 1983 where a young man from East Berlin is co-opted into being a spy in West Berlin. It’s got great performances, fantastic historical detail and a cracking soundtrack.
And finally something outside the house – a gig or concert or I’m not sure what to call it. In a tiny basement of a jazz bar in Dalston I saw Lambert a mysterious musician who plays the piano dreamily while wearing a sort of antelope mask. I first encountered him supporting Olaf Arnaulds at the Roundhouse and was captivated by his catchy tunes and deceptively simple arrangements. And the mask. This was a much more intimate show and even better for it. He is a super performer and his music sublime – here’s a tidbit that brought tears to my eyes listening to it live.
Until next month a warning – I’m in pre production for my new play Scenes so you may find the odd blog here that goes off topic.

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