Lockdown lists

A blog that set out to list my cultural top trumps could depress me right now – indeed I’ve not posted here for ages. So I’ve decided to post some alternative lists for lockdown that I can look back on ‘after this is all over’ as the popular refrain goes. I’ll keep updating until the moment comes :

Apple cake

Apple Cake (with a stray pear added – was nice)

Lockdown bakes
4 apple cakes
2 batches of rocky road (purely in the name of researching my tiny play for Fly High Stories honest)
Chocolate cupcakes
Two loaves of white bread
A peach and blackberry crumble
2 mix ups of Shortbread
Naan Bread
Some foul Gingerbread because I used the wrong kind of flour
Madeira cake 
Delicious butterscotch cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies


Saturday family movies
The Rise of Skywalker
Ghost Busters
Ghost Busters ll
Bednobs and Broomsticks
Home Alone
Home Alone 2
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Malificent 2
Jumanji (the 1995 original)

Hump day Wednesday musicals
Easter Parade
Singing in the Rain
American in Paris
Summer Stock
Anchors Aweigh
On The Town
For Me and my Gal
Cover Girl
The Pirate
Take me out to the Ball Game
Royal Wedding



Books what I’ve read
Red carpets and other Banana skins – Rupert Everett
The Vanished Years – Rupert Everett
Normal People – Sally Rooney
The Occasional Virgin – Hanan Al Shaykh
Gene Kelly A life of Dance and Dreams – Alvin Yudkoff



TV Shows
Cobra (didn’t finish – too close to the bone ATM)
Berlin Babylon (didn’t finish – too dark)mv5bnzzlmthlyzktmdlmzc00yti1lthlnzktzwu0mty4odc2zwy4xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynta1njyymdk40._v1_
State of Happiness (LOVED THIS)
Normal People

Grown up Movies
The Favourite
Marathon Man
The Conversation
Three days of the Condor
The Verdict

Virtual Plays
I want my hat back
Cypress Avenue
That’s not my hat
Barber Shop Chronicles
We found a Hat
Rich Kids – A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran

This blog will be updated periodically until that moment I can go to the theatre again…

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