Lockdown lists

A blog that set out to list my cultural top trumps could depress me right now – indeed I’ve not posted here for ages. So I’ve decided to post some alternative lists for lockdown that I can look back on ‘after this is all over’ as the popular refrain goes. I’ll keep updating until the moment comes :

Apple cake

Apple Cake (with a stray pear added – was nice)

Lockdown bakes
3 apple cakes
2 batches of rocky road (purely in the name of researching my tiny play for Fly High Stories honest)
Chocolate cupcakes
A loaf of white bread
A peach and blackberry crumble
2 mix ups of Shortbread
Naan Bread


Saturday family movies
The Rise of Skywalker
Ghost Busters
Ghost Busters ll
Bednobs and Broomsticks
Home Alone
Home Alone 2

Hump day Wednesday musicals
Easter Parade
Singing in the Rain
American in Paris
Summer Stock
Anchors Aweigh
On The Town



Books what I’ve read
Red carpets and other Banana skins – Rupert Everett
The Vanished Years – Rupert Everett
Normal People – Sally Rooney



TV Shows
Cobra (didn’t finish – too close to the bone ATM)
Berlin Babylon (didn’t finish – too dark)mv5bnzzlmthlyzktmdlmzc00yti1lthlnzktzwu0mty4odc2zwy4xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynta1njyymdk40._v1_
State of Happiness (LOVED THIS)

Grown up Movies
The Favourite
Marathon Man
The Conversation
Three days of the Condor

Virtual Plays
I want my hat back
Cypress Avenue
That’s not my hat
Barber Shop Chronicles

This blog will be updated periodically until that moment I can go to the theatre again…

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