February 2015

It’s been a busy month culturally I’m surprised to say. Fireworks at the Royal Court lived up to my expectations – so much so that I’m going back again mid March with my OH and a big group of pals. Olafur Arnalds didn’t happen – grrr (that’s to say the gig did happen but I couldn’t go, illness – not me – that’s all I’m willing to recall about that). So here’s the list for Feb and I’ll paste the code for what’s what at the bottom for reference.

1 February - Confidence 
2 February - Broadchurch
3 February - Africa United 
3 February - Men in the Sun (by Ghassan Kanafani)
4 February - SECRETS OF THE SMALL HOURS by Nick Dear (Radio 4)
4 February - Wolf Hall
5 February - The Good Wife
7 February - The Singing Stones (Arcola Theatre, Dalston)
9 February - Broadchurch
10 February - HOME FRONT Omnibus (Radio 4)
10 February - The Devil's Whore (Ep 3)
11 February - Wolf Hall
12 February - The Good Wife
16 February - Broadchurch
17 February - HOME FRONT Omnibus (Radio 4)
17 February - Fireworks (Royal Court Theatre)
18 February - Wolf Hall
20 February - Casual Vacancy
20 February - The Visitor 
21 February - Indian Summers
22 February - MEN WHO SLEEP IN CARS (Radio 4)
22 February - Casual Vacancy
22 February - Indian summers
23 February - Broadchurch
24 February - HOME FRONT Omnibus (Radio 4)
24 February - The Departure (short)
24 February - Life's a pitch (short)
24 February - The Good Wife
25 February - Wolf Hall
26 February - Voices by Munize Manzur
26 February - The Good Wife
Key: live performances (including music and theatre), telly dramas, books, films, RADIO DRAMA,
 art exhibitions

So still a lot of telly this month (but it was all brilliant) – but a smattering of other things too. I notice I am still to go to an art exhibition this year – will try to remedy that in March.

And in the coming week I’ve two plays I’m seeing so you never know March may be a highbrow one…

Other highlights of February include figuring out an easy and delicious cheat macaroni cheese recipe. Let me know if you are interested!

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