January 2015

So here we go – my first list. Seems sensible to have a code to identify what each item is so I’ll go with: live performances (including music and theatre), telly dramas, books, films, RADIO DRAMA, art exhibitions.

hm that might get confusing but hopefully if I list the venue/network it will clarify things… So without further ado here’s my list of cultural adventures for January 2015.

1 January - Birdman 
5 January - Broadchurch (ITV) Ep 1 series 2 
6 January - THE MEET CUTE (Radio 4)
6 January - The Servant 
8 January - LAST OF THE PEARL FISHERS (Radio 4)
11 January - Enemy
12 January - Broadchurch (ITV) Ep 2 series 2 
15 January - Time Crimes
17 January - Dallas Buyers Club
20 January - The Eichman Show (BBC Two)
21 January - Wolf Hall Ep 1 (BBC Two)
22/23 January - The Devil's Whore (4OD)
24 January - Les Trois Ruptures (Chelsea Theatre)
25 January - The Albatross 
26 January - Broadchurch (ITV) Ep 3 series 2
27 January - Walking the tightrope: The tension between art and politics (Theatre Delicatessen)
28 January - Wolf Hall Ep 2 (BBC Two)
29 January - The Good Wife Series 6 Ep 1 (More 4)
30 January - Walking the tightrope: The tension between art and politics (Theatre Delicatessen)

So it’s safe to say that was a screen heavy month … highlights probably The Dallas Byers Club (superb story and performances all round), Wolf Hall (much anticipated and worth the wait – I could watch Mark Rylance all day) and Walking the Tightrope (only partly because one of the short plays included was by me :))

February promises much with Fireworks at the Royal court, and Olafur Arnalds at the Barbican…

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