October 2016


What a strange month. So very busy but when I look back over the diary I realise it’s been all work, work, work and no play. Not a theatre trip all month 😦 and I tried and failed to get to I, Daniel Blake several times but fortune was against me. Hope to see it in November.

So my cultural highlights are a bit different – a festival and two tellys…

First up a festival in Lichfield Holding Palestine in the Light. Full transparency here – I went along because I was giving a little talk. But it was absolutely lovely to meet all the people there (a few even bought my play!) and to hear fellow playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak talk about his work and his recent trip to the International Theatre Festival in Cairo. A fascinating time.

My first telly is Grey’s Anatomy. Yes I know I’m about 15 years behind the times, but what started out as “watching an episode or two for research” has turned into an absolute obsession. True the Ali Macbeal style voice over that bookends proceedings feels very dated and 1990s, but the stories themselves are so engaging, we care massively about the characters and become totally wrapped up in the regular and guest stories. I’m hooked.

Finally on the last day of the month I watched The Moonstone (pictured at the top), a new BBC One adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ novel. It is programmed in a daytime slot – unusual for a period piece – so I wondered if that would reflect in the quality of the work. Not a bit of it. Absolutely sumptuously shot, some very lovely understated performances and thoroughly engaging so far. I really like the way it has been adapted too – John Yorke the Exec producer wrote a blog about the adaptation and there’s an interview with writers Sasha Hails and Rachel Flowerday on BBC Writersroom in case you are interested. I’ll certainly be watching all of this one.

November brings Hotel Cerise at Theatre Royal Stratford East, plus the Bush’s The Royale and a trip to Ghent to talk at AWAN (Arab Women Artists Now) event.



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