April 2016

The first of my three cultural highlights for April isn’t tough to guess. Scenes from 68* Years my play which ran at the Arcola in Dalston all month. It was a hugely rewarding experience and I’m indebted to the cast and crew who brought my words to life in the most brilliant way. Audiences seemed to like it and we even got some nice reviews so I’m a happy playwright. And as that’s where I spent most of my month I wondered if I’d have anything else for my list – but of course I do.

I saw The Man in Woman’s Shoes at the Tricycle (thanks for the recommendation Eleanor Metven) a one man show that was delightful and engaging. A simple tale beautifully told that felt authentic and never stereotypical. It’s touring all over so catch it if you can.

Finally a very deft radio play by Al Smith: Everyday Time Machines was a lovely romantic story told in a non linear way with great performances. It was another piece of excellent storytelling. 

May brings Cannes Film festival (really) a trip to see King Lear in Birmingham and the return of Homefront on Radio 4 (commuting isn’t the same without it).

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