April 2015

Lally the Scut at the Mac (Tinderbox Theatre)

Lally the Scut at the Mac (Tinderbox Theatre)

The majority of April was telly because of one thing and another. I finally got round to the watching the first series of Girls which I found funny and depressing in equal measure. I took great pleasure in listening to Ed Harris’ Dot a charming half hour sit-com on Radio 4 set in the Cabinet War Rooms in the Second World War, it made me guffaw loudly and get strange looks in the office. It reminded me of Blackadder (in style) and I cant think of a higher commendation than that.

Then the month finished strongly with a visit to Belfast, and what a worthwhile trip it was. I experienced Reassembled, Slightly Askew a breathtaking, visceral piece by Shannon Yee taking you into her experience of a rare brain infection – I needed a gin afterwards I was so moved. It’s touring Northern Ireland and I really really hope it comes to England.

Then I got to see Lally the Scut by Abbie Spallen. My dear friend Hanna Slattne had told me it was good but I had no clue how brave, funny and scathing this satire on modern Northern Ireland would be. Excellent performances and a tour de force production all round from Tinderbox Theatre (who have recently had devastating news about their Arts Council funding – this production an argument for reinstating their full grant if any were needed).

Both plays were at the Mac in Belfast a gorgeous arts space and Lally had one of the best theatre posters I’ve seen in an age – pasted at the top for your enjoyment.

Here’s the April list in full:

2 April - The Good Wife 6 April - Paddington 7 April - Poldark 9 April - The Good Wife 9 April - Indian Summers 11 April - Inside no. 9 13 April - Poldark 13 April - Banished 14 April - DOT 15 April - Indian Summers 16 April - Banished 16 April - The Good Wife 17 April - Girls 17 April - Inside no. 9 20 April - Poldark 21 April - HOMEFRONT omnibus 21 April - MY DEAR BESSIE 21 April - Indian Summers 22 April - HOMEFRONT omnibus 26 April - Poldark 27 April - The Good Wife 28 April - Inside no. 9 30 April - Reassembled, Slightly Askew 30 April - Lally the Scut

Key: live performances (including music and theatre), telly dramas, books, films, RADIO DRAMA,
 art exhibitions

It’s worth saying that I didn’t really concentrate on Paddington – I was trying to deal with a toddler who simultaneously wanted to watch it and wanted to run away from the telly as it was scary… I will revisit as what i did see looked charming.

The month to come is looking good culture wise… Deluge at Hampstead downstairs, a play about the Armenian Genocide at the Finborough, Product by Mark Ravenhill with Olivia Poulet at the Arcola and a trip to the Polka theatre.

Enjoy the blossom till next month.

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