Highlights from October 2017


I’m a bit late to post this month – no way a reflection on some of the excellent stuff I’ve seen.

There was a mesmerising production of Dido Queen of Carthage at the RSC Swan in Stratford. Now I can’t pretend Marlowe’s text isn’t massively problematic (queen drugged by Cupid falls in love with man and gives up everything for him – hardly a feminist text) but it was a beautiful production. I love the Swan and designer Ti Green showed off the space to the full, while Ciaran Bagnall’s lighting was simply sublime – a work of art in its own right.

4000Then I went to Edinburgh – seriously everything I see at the Lyceum is inspiring and pushing the boundaries at the moment and Cockpit was no exception. Incredible programming.  This play is set in a theatre in Germany at the end of the Second World War where displaced persons are being held until they can go back to their countries – whatever is left of them. So far so timely. But what’s astonishing is that it was written by Anglo-Irish playwright Bridget Boland in 1948. Wils Wilson’s compelling production uses the whole theatre and some amazing choral work to bring the brilliant company together to breath life into this forgotten classic. I really hope it gets a further life, it deserves to be seen south of the border and more widely for sure.


My last choice will surprise no one – at last I’m catching up with one of the most talked about TV shows this year, The Handmaid’s Tale. What a story. Again it feels hideously timely despite being a ‘dystopian future’. I haven’t read Atwood’s novel but I’m glad because I don’t know what is coming next and it is bloody riveting. Amazing performances, beautifully filmed with loads of space to really help you put yourself in the character’s shoes and let the full weight of what is happening to them settle on you. It’s deeply disturbing viewing (you need a glass of wine) and it makes you think about the world in a new way. Earth-shattering stuff.

I’ve already had to cancel two November theatre outings because of sinusitis, but I’m hoping to get to the cinema to see the new Armando Ianucci film which I’m excited about and I’ve also discovered an excellent new comedy on Netflix…

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