Highlights from September 2017

My highlights this month comprise a play and two TV comedies – unusual for me.


I saw Thebes Land at the Arcola early in the month – I had heard great things about it when it was first produced last year. I missed it then so had no intention of doing so again. And I’m so glad I did see it, a properly theatrical ride, featuring two astonishing performances. I’m not saying anything more than that because I think if you go to see it (and you should – you’ve until 7 October) it’s best to know literally nothing – have no expectations. That was how I saw it and it was all the better for the surprise.

p05b8x1rNext the very brilliant Quacks, a BBC Two comedy following the progress of four young medical pioneers in the daring and wild days of Victorian medicine. Go for Rory Kinnear stay for Lydia Leonard, Tom Basden and Matthew Baynton not to mention James Wood’s scorching script. I had high expectations from the writer of Rev and they were exceeded. Brilliant stuff – I do hope it gets a second series (I’ve already watched the initial six episodes twice!)

Finally Channel 4’s Back. Another cracking cast fronted by Mitchell and Webb with the additional and delightful comedy stylings of Olivia Poulet, Penny Downie and Louise Brealy. And Simon Blackwell’s writing – sublime, the one-liners had me cackling.


October brings Dido at the RSC, Unknown Island at the Gate and Beowulf at the Unicorn… exciting.

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