Highlights from June 2017


As well as rehearsing for my play The Scar Test (which runs at Soho Theatre until 22 July) I also found further cultural satisfaction (blessed are the babysitters).

Firstly a reading at the stunning Mosaic Rooms in Earls Court of the brilliant Hassan Abdulrazzak’s new play Maroon. A thought-provoking, engrossing play dealing with tough themes in an incredible entertaining way. And what actors! Robin Soans, Sirine Saba, Jaz Deol and Seven K Greene. Can’t wait to see a full production of that one.

Then I went to Anatomy of a Suicide at the Royal Court (pictured at top). What a show. It deals with suicide but also post natal depression. What I loved so much was the way the fragmented form of the play disoriented the audience and made your brain work in a strange new way much as I imagine such a mental health condition might. The performances were stunning (Kate O’Flynn and Adelle Leonce so intense and watchable; Hattie Morahan and Paul Hilton – just astonishing, gut wrenching as they desperately tried and failed to communicate with one another). Katie Mitchell’s directing is masterful (of course). I’m still reeling from that one and expect I will be for some time to come.


And then a telly. Jimmy McGovern’s Broken. The other half had to force me – I suspected it would be a misery-fest and I couldn’t really face it. But after some gentle persuasion I girded my loins and put on iPlayer. And I’m delighted I did.

It’s a state of the nation piece, masterfully written and performed – not just by key figure Sean Bean but the supporting cast are incredible. And what makes me even happier is that in every single episode there was a brilliant actor who I have worked with in the past and who is on my list to work with again. It’s so satisfying when great actors get to do great work.

July has been mad with my plays at Soho and the Bush and I’m off to the Avignon theatre festival at the end of the month so expect a blog about Le théâtre très bientôt…

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