Never forget: the path to production is paved with tears

tissuesThink about all the plays that are on.  West End, Fringe, Regional – there are 100s upon 100s. And when you work in the industry at any level you’re constantly aware of colleagues working on different projects. Some you’ve heard about from inception, others arrive fully formed in your inbox or social media feed.

And it’s easy to feel a bit envious about all the amazing work your friends are making – perhaps even wish you’d had that opportunity. So it’s worth remembering in this often super presented social media world that no production is easy and every birthing has it’s complications whatever level you are – from first outing to seasoned vet.

I’m not the former or the latter and not quite in the middle. I’ve have had a few things on. And when you’re part of the process as the writer (hopefully) usually you are a party to all the hiccups that occur in even the best laid plans.

In my experience so far:

  • I’ve had many more funding rejections than approvals (very few of us tweet about the nos);
  • lost actors/ directors/ crew at the 11th hour;
  • had power cuts;
  • had to cancel first night because a show wasn’t ready;
  • had to clean dirty dressing rooms myself (despite paying the theatre a massive hire fee);
  • had contracts changed;
  • dates moved without consultation leading to knock on problems;
  • had actors/crew shout at me about how little they are getting paid/ that they haven’t been paid (often unaware of the irony that I’m  not getting paid at all);

….you name it it’s happened.
In those moments I’ve pow-wowed with the team to problem solve, had extra rations of wine and cried to my friends or other half. I certainly haven’t publicised my pain to the world.

I guess this blog is just my way of reminding myself that there is no easy path in life, every ‘break’ only comes after much pressure is applied and that when I look at others’ timelines and the old green eyed monster is whispering I need to remember it’s tough for us all whether we talk about it or not… So we should celebrate each other’s successes and remember every production is a little miracle – especially in this age of ‘austerity.

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