Highlights from February 2017

It was half term in Feb, so in honour of that, my choices this month are all kids movies.

Firstly Zootopia. I’m late to the party I think (hell it won an Oscar at the weekend), but Disney making a film that featured animated animals to explore the nature of prejudice is mind-bendingly cool. I loved it, mini-me who is 5 enjoyed it but I think the detailed plot was a bit tough for her in places. If you’ve a 7 or 8 year old in your life I bet they’d adore it.

mv5bmji4mzu5ntexnf5bml5banbnxkftztgwnzy1mtewmdi-_v1_uy1200_cr9006301200_al_Next up ANOTHER Disney – Moana. Some catchy tunes – outwardly, more obviously ‘Disney’ – one girl’s quest to save the world (rather than find a husband as Disneys of old worked) and a nice twist around the notion of the monster. It’s very watchable, though there’s a bit on a boat 3/4 of the way through that loses its way a bit. All in all a positive watch and safe bet for mini ones.

Finally Sing. You’ve probably seen the trailer – a theatre producing koala decides to run a talent contest… cue lots of amusing turns by animals singing well known songs. The Brit thug gorillas were my favourite, with a son who sung like Elton John and whose rendition of “I’m still standing” secured a big thumbs up from me. This was the one my daughter loved the most – the song vignettes, humour and different characters journeys really hooked her.


Sing’s probably the only one of the three that doesn’t try to consciously cater for an adult audience too with tongue in cheek asides or anything like that – but I actually really liked it for that. And it did make me giggle a lot.

To be clear those aren’t the only kids movies I watched – in a rainy half term there were more but these were the ones I liked best. A warning about Lego Batman: we took mini me as it was a U and were shocked at how violent it was. It seems violence is ok to the people rating if it’s between Lego characters rather than humans. So be careful with that one.

March is more grown up: I’m most excited about the reopening of the Bush and the Black Lives Black Words event.

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