My best of 2016

Yes it was a shit year in so many ways – but I’ve picked – not my top 3 (too hard) but top 5 cultural things: a play, two tellys, a radio drama and a concert.

In order of when they happened:

Scenes from 68* Years at the Arcola in April


Well you didn’t think I was going to miss out my own play did you? I’m not being big headed I promise, I know the reason the production was brilliant (if you think it was and I do) was because of the amazing cast, director and crew who made my writing look 100 times better than it is. I feel so lucky to have had the perfect alchemy of that team working on it. So massive thanks to them all. And if you missed it and happen to be in Chicago in February you could go and see a reading of it there then…

Mum on BBC Two in May


This comedy was one of the best things on telly in 2016. Lesley Manville was hilarious and touching as the eponymous Mum. Go and buy it on BBC Store if you missed it and watch it all… I am going to do that just so I can see it again. And the best news ever is that it has been recommissioned for a new series.

The CBeebies Prom in August


What to say about this one, I took mini me and blubbed my way through it – then wrote about why I cried more than my daughter.

Tracks on Radio 4 in September


I love my radio drama. As my world is so busy and fragmented with writing and mumming and other work, being able to download and listen to dramas while I’m on the move is a life saver. Tracks was an epic nine-part twist and turn conspiracy thriller. It had epic ambition and managed to pull off televisual style car chases and the like that you don’t expect to hear on the radio. Kept me listening for nearly 7 hours. Brilliant. And it’s still downloadable if you fancy a try.

Witness for the Prosecution on BBC One in December


We all love a Christie for Christmas don’t we? But I sort of expect them to be old-fashioned fusty affairs – in this case I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sarah Phelps’ adaptation was immediately engrossing – Christie and Phelps make a great team, what’s more the performances were excellent especially from Andrea Riseborough (pictured) who absolutely transforms in every role she plays (last seen in Channel 4’s National Treasure though I almost didn’t recognise her). Add to this some beautiful camera work and you have an absolute Christmas treat. I know the beeb has plans for 7 more Christie adaptations for future Christmases I really hope they can recreate the magic conjured here again and again.

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