December 2016

Despite a month beset with hideous illness in my household I did manage to find some cultural healing.

First I experienced the joy of my daughter’s first Christmas show: she was a beautiful sheep and remembered her line (it was more substantial than baaaaa) . I cried throughout which you won’t be surprised about if you read about it my experience at the CBeebies Prom. And then there was the brilliant Professor Dill’s Punch and Judy (pictured) for mini-me’s birthday which delighted kids old and young and made me cry with laughter – highly recommended. 

Then another Christmassy show – and a theatre institution: I took ma to Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap for her birthday. I thought it might be a bit worse for wear being as aged as it is (we saw the 26,718th performance) and the worlds longest running play, but actually I was really surprised. Some great performances and that Christie woman can weave a great yarn … she kept me guessing who dunnit right till the end. 

And finally more Christie on BBC One a breathtakingly brilliant adaptation of Witness for the Prosecution. It was dark and sultry in Sarah Phelps’ screenplay with superb performances. I loved it – a proper Christmas gift – catch it on iPlayer while you still can. 

Right now I’m off to look through my blog for 2016 and pick my 3 highlights from across the year which won’t be easy! 

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