July 2016

  My cultural highlights for July start with an exhibition of photographs at the Brazilian Embassy. Ellie Kurttz is an extraordinary photographer who has taken many theatre pictures. This exhibition specifically focussed on her Shakespeare snaps. And they are astonishing – some I’ve seen before but here blown up to massive size and curated beautifully so they are all around you and hanging over your head is breathtaking. The exhibition also features a massive print of the image above from Ninagawas Titus at the RSC. It’s a production I was dragged to heathen that I am- “three hours of shakespeare in Japanese no thanks” – but one that I’ll never forget because of moments like this one which Ellie captured iconically. 

Then at last I watched Murdered by my Father, I’ve been meaning to for months but putting it off. When I sit down to watch telly I’m usually after a bit of escapism which a factually inspired story about honour killing is not. But I’m so pleased I watched this – the acting and writing are so truthful and it’s handled so carefully on the production. I was also impressed that though it’s set in a specific community and time and place it provoked me to think about other small communities where pressure from neighbours and elders can drive people to do terrible things. Can’t deny you will need tissues but it’s very very good do watch. 

Finally Life Lines on Radio 4 a heart wrenching drama in 5 x 15 minute episodes about the experiences of a woman who is a 999 operator. I don’t want to say anything else except it’s only on iPlayer a few more days so stop reading this and go and listen to that – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07l6269

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