February 2016

March already – blimey – we start rehearsing my play SCENES FROM 68* YEARS  next week, that’s come round quick.

My February was culturally diverse so I’ve picked a play, a telly and a radio as my choices.

First there was the new Caryl Churchill play at the Royal Court, Escaped Alone. I won’t waste your time reviewing the play – plenty of others have done that – but I really enjoyed it because of the cast: four women of a certain age played by Linda Bassett, Kika Markham, Deborah Findlay and June Watson – and they were all fantastic. I realised how rare, no not rare… I’ve never seen a play made up of a cast made up of four women over 40. It inspired me… in fact I’ve just finished a two hander featuring two older women…


My second much anticipated cultural thing was Dot – a proper full series on Radio 4 of Ed Harris’ laugh-out-loud funny comedy. If you like Black Adder you’ll love this. And guess what it’s peopled with brilliant women characters again (with a magnificent Fenella Woolgar as Dot).

Finally a telly and guess what more strong women: Happy Valley. I’ve been so excited about season 2 of Sally Wainwright’s incredible drama starring Sarah Lancashire. The first scene of ep 1 season 1  is without question the best opening I’ve ever seen to any drama. So there was a lot to live up to in season 2 and so far so excellent – do catch up if you’re uninitiated.

Next month I probably will just blather on about rehearsals – that’s likely to be as cultural as March gets … oh no, hold on, I’ve got Complicite’s The Encounter on Saturday night – that’s bound to make the cut according to these unknowns.

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