September 2015

The month was bookended with excellent theatre: Simon Stephens’ affecting and beautifully performed Song From Far Away – the direction and lighting were sublime. At the end of the month I saw Hangmen at the Royal Court – I’ve been so looking forward to Martin McDonagh’s new play that I was worried it could never live up to my expectations; but Matthew Dunster’s taught production draws excellent performances from the stunning cast. Go and see it when it transfers to the West End of you can.

Other highlights included Lenny Henry’s one off TV drama Danny and the Human Zoo which revealed him to be a highly skilled writer, the show engaged from the outset – I loved it. And a brilliant cast. IPlayer it if you missed it on BBC One.

Also very happy with the return of Home Front to Radio 4 – the new season continues the fine form I’ve come to expect.

Here’s my full September list:

2 September - A Song From Far Away

2 September - The Paying Guests

4 September - I Call My Brothers

6 September - Lady Chatterley's Lover

6 September - Boy Meets Girl 

8 September - Danny and the Human Zoo

9 September - Doctor Foster

10 September - Tootsie

14 September - Cradle to the grave 

15 September - When We Were Women 

16 September - Doctor Foster

17 September - Leila and co

18 September - Breaking the ice 


24 September - Doctor Foster


29 September - Hangmen 

Key: live performances (including music and theatre), telly dramas, books, films, RADIO DRAMA,
art exhibitions

This months blog is a bit late because I was in San Francisco for Golden Thread’s ReOrient festival (which featured my play Bitterenders) – more on that in my October round up…

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