Vanished by Ahmed Masoud

It’s been a busy old month. Mainly because I’ve been working on The Scar Test a new play commissioned by Untold Theatre about the experiences of women in detention in the UK. It’s been an involved process because I’ve worked very collaboratively with the actors and director to write it and we had scratch showings at the Arcola and in Bedford and Colchester at the end of last week. It’s a piece of work I’m really proud of so I’m hoping it’ll get a further life and full production – watch this space…

That said I managed a good bit of great TV: first up Episodes. I love this programme, maybe because it’s about writers, but I think it’s very funny. And speaking of funny Rev is absolutely hilarious. I’ve been catching up with the last season of that on iPlayer it’s sublime – complex characters very truthfully written and acted and the whole things treads the fine line of comedy and drama.

I also have been gripped by Black Work on ITV – a beautiful central performance from Sheridan Smith and pacey, page turner (as it were) of a drama.

Radio wise you’ll see I’m still hooked to Home Front on Radio 4, I also listened the winner of The Writers Prize a play about depression called doyouwishtocontinue – it’s a funny and poignant drama with a point and is so well crafted – I hope radio drama has Christine Entwisle the writer on speed dial I reckon she’s a radio natural and I will look forward to more from her.

I also listened to The Boy At The Back a  radio 3 dramatization of excellent Spanish playwright Juan Mayorgas play – he always manages to write dramatically AND at the same time make a comment on the act of creating art – inspiring stuff.

I was also very chuffed to be asked by Ahmed Masoud to introduce and interview him for the launch of his excellent novel Vanished (pictured) which is set in Gaza and which I highly recommend. It was a fascinating evening with a lot of interesting conversation around the book itself and wider themes of writing in a second language, the considerations in designing a book cover and more.

The event was at the P21 gallery in Euston which I’ve been meaning to get to – it’s a really nice space and the exhibition that was on could have been made for me – it’s title: The Map is not the territory- parallel paths – Palestinians, Native Americans, Irish. The exhibition even featured a photo of a ‘high cross’ in Kilmeganny up the road from where my family come from in Kilkenny. I’ll definitely be back to visit P21.

Here’s my full list for June:

1 June - The Game
1 June- Episodes 
2 June - The Game
3 June - HOME FRONT Omnibus
4 June - The Game
9 June - HOME FRONT Omnibus
9 June - Tropic Thunder 
10 June - Episodes
10 June - The Good Wife 
11 June - Rev
11 June - The Good Wife 
12 June- Rev
15 June - Jonathan Strange 
16 June - HOME FRONT Omnibus
17 June - Vanished launch / exhibition 
18 June - Rev
18 June - The Good Wife
19 June - Rev
20 June - Leave to Remain 
20 June - Catastrophe
22 June - Catastrophe
22 June - Black Work
23 June - HOME FRONT Omnibus
24 June - Rev
24 June - Episodes
26 June - The Scar Test
27 June - Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
28 June -Black Work
29 June - The Scar Test 
30 June - HOME FRONT Omnibus
30 June - Episodes
30 June - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 
Key: live performances (including music and theatre), telly dramas, books, films, RADIO DRAMA,
 art exhibitions

July heralds a trip to Dublin for a reading of my play Bitterenders as part of Palfest Ireland, and an outing to Lampedusa at Soho Theatre which I missed first time round so I’m pleased to have a second chance.

June 2015

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