May 2015

And May’s over, it was a busy month what with the Crowdfunding campaign for my play Scenes from 68* Years – you can read about that in previous posts if you are interested. Looking over my list its basically all telly and films with four play outings thrown in…

The plays all offered something unusual – one a water-filled set (Deluge at Hampstead), another the history of the Armenian Genocide (I Wish to Die Singing at the Finborough), Write Now the chance to visit my local theatre the Brockley Jack at last (to my shame I’d never been – it’s delightful) and the last a hilarious one woman piece by my old friend Olivia Poulet (Product). Very happy to have seen them all.

As you will see I spent most of the early part of the month gorging myself on Mad Men (I got a month’s free Amazon prime membership and managed to squeeze in the first two seasons… it’s brilliant as you probably already know) and the last few days catching up with The Game on iPlayer, a BBC One spy drama to rival any Le Carre – in fact it’s better because it doesn’t take itself quite so seriously and there are a few laughs and a ton of excellent performances.

I also got to Philomena and Alpha Papa – Steve Coogan is incredible in both for different reasons. As for the latter – well it’s got me right back into Roachford after this:

Here’s the full list (as usual the key is at the bottom):

1 May - Good Wife
5 May - Deluge (Hampstead Theatre)
7 May - Mad Men x2
8 May - I wish to die singing (Finborough)
8 May - Mad Men
9 May - Philomena
10 May - Write Now 
11 May - Product (Arcola)
12 May - MadMen
17 May - Good Wife
17 May - MadMen
20 May - MadMen 
21 May - MadMen
21 May - Good Wife
26 May - Mad Men
27 May - Episodes 
27 May - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
29 May - The Game
29 May - Alpha Papa
30 May - The Good Wife
31 May - The Game

Key: live performances (including music and theatre), telly dramas, books, films, RADIO DRAMA,
 art exhibitions

June brings the return of Radio 4’s Homefront – HURRAH! and also a showing of something I’ve been working on called The Scar Test at the Arcola.

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