Three more things I learned about Crowdfunding

Well it’s done, the crowdfunding push for my play Scenes from 68* Years. And not only did we make our target – we exceeded it.

I’m hugely relieved and grateful to all the 69 amazing people who contributed. They make me feel positive and like things are possible when we help one another. As a thank you for making me smile here’s something that is bound to make you smile – the gorgeous Jude Edriss singing Here Comes the Sun as featured in Swivel Theatre’s production of my monologue Worst Cook in the West Bank:

And further to my Three Things I learned about Crowdfunding blog I’ve another three insights to share:

1. Don’t panic: I freaked out half way through the 40 days that we weren’t going to hit our target – there’s a definite lull in the middle of the campaign – with peaks at the start and end (as long as you make sure you tell people!)

2. Personal is best: Personal emails work better than round robins you won’t be surprised to hear, but also give a bit of yourself – when we hit 85% as a thank you I posted an album of pictures of my 1987 family trip to Palestine (seemed relevant as the play we are funding for is about Palestine) – and it got loads of hits and created a buzz.

3. It really does make you more generous: As I said in my last blog, it’s hard to ask the people you love to support your work, but not only does it give you a warm glow it makes you more generous and that generosity lasts and lasts it seems – I’ve recently given to a sponsored swim for Evelina children’s hospital, a walk in aid of Cancer Research, and to help a little Gazan boy get medical treatment.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget everyone’s generosity and support, and I can’t wait to see you all in the audience when the show is on in April 2016. And a special thank you to my producer Alia Alzougbi for her patience and Jumaan Short for her wise words.

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